Coca-Cola Ad Pokes Fun At Smooth Jazz

A new billboard campaign for an energy drink takes a poke at smooth jazz music.

Coke_ad.jpgHave you seen the new billboard for a beverage called Full Throttle Energy Drink? Well, here�s what the ad says: �Do not expose to smooth jazz. 16 ounces of raw energy.� As you can see, the Coca-Cola Company is making a little fun of smooth jazz�s perception � for some, anyway � as nice, quiet music that you can relax to. And for those of us who enjoy it that way, there is some truth to the perception.

But Coca-Cola may not want to place the billboards near any of the high-energy smooth jazz festivals now beginning to dot the landscape. That would include Guitars & Saxes, with saxophonists Warren Hill and Mindi Abair, guitarist Jeff Golub and bassist Wayman Tisdale, which began over the weekend in California. Not to mention Jazz Attack, with trumpeter Rick Braun, saxophonist Richard Elliot, guitarist Peter White and guitarist and vocalist Jonathan Butler.

As anyone who has seen these shows will testify to, the last thing these energetic performers need is 16 more ounces of raw energy.