New Paul Hardcastle Project Is Hardcastle 4

British smoooth jazz star Paul Hardcastle is getting ready to release Hardcastle 4.

British instrumentalist and producer Paul Hardcastle has finished his new album, �Hardcastle 4,� his follow-up to 2003�s �The Jazzmasters 4� featuring the No. 1 smooth jazz single �Puerto Banus.�

Although Paul helms both �Hardcastle� and �Jazzmasters� projects, the �Hardcastle� album tend to be a bit more uptempo and experimental. The new 12-song album, in addition to featuring such titles as the first single �Serene,� �Moments in Time� and �Eastern Winds,� actually features a song called �Smooth Jazz.�

�Hardcastle 4� will be released by the Trippin 'N' Rhythm label on July 12.

Hardcastle 4

1. Serene
2. Freefall
3. Smooth Jazz
4. Keeping it Real
5. Moments in Time
6. Was it Love
7. Midnight Moon
8. Eastern Winds
9. Where Are You Now
10. Straight Ahead
11. Time to Reflect
12. Journey of the Lost Tribes