Paul Brown's Second CD Sounds Like A Winner

The veteran producer has finished a brand-new CD that features more of his guitar playing.

PaulBrown.jpgSmooth jazz producer Paul Brown, who released his debut solo album in February 2004 called Up Front, has now finished his follow-up. The City, the guitarist and vocalist�s second effort for the GRP label, offers 11 songs, including a cover of the Grover Washington Jr. classic called �Winelight.�

Brown also includes a cover of a song called �Real Mutha For Ya� by the legendary blues musician Johnny �Guitar� Watson. On the song, Brown plays the talk-box - you remember, like Peter Frampton did on "Do You Feel Like We Do?" In addition, he wraps his vocals around the classic early 1970s song �The City� by the Mark-Almond Band, in addition to offering an instrumental version of that song.

Other tracks include �Side Steppin�,� �Cosmic Monkey,� �Hello Again� and �Las Vegas.�

"It still has the vibe of the first CD, but it's a little bit more intense on the guitar playing," says Brown. "There�s a few things that are kind of psychedelic, a couple things that are just stone-cold old-school funk. I pulled out all the stops."

The CD shows off Brown's guitar playing and packs several radio-friendly singles in addition to some stylish and jazzy cuts. Of course, the production is first-rate since it comes straight from Brown's Funky Joint studio in Southern California.

The CD will be another winner for Brown, who has had two smooth jazz hits from Up Front - "24/7" and the current "Moment By Moment."

The City will be released on July 12.

The City

1. Cosmic Monkey
2. Hello Again
3. Side Steppin'
4. The City
5. Las Vegas
6. Old Friends
7. Winelite
8. Jumpin' Uptown
9. Food for the Moon
10. Reel Mutha for Ya
11. The City (instrumental)