Euge Groove Goes Retro With A Real Album

The saxophonist releases details on his new project.

Saxophonist Euge Groove has just finished work on his fourth solo album, his second for the Narada label and follow-up to 2003�s Livin� Large. On the new album, Just Feels Right, Groove decided to look back to the past and make an album with a beginning and an end - he wrote the first song first and continued to the end to make the album a cohesive whole.

"We decided that we were gonna try and do like a real retro �70s type of an album," says Paul Brown, who produced the CD. "We got some great old musicians, and it�s a very live-oriented type of record. Euge has definitely got that screaming tenor. He�s got that barrelhouse thing going on. I think it�s cool. Everybody loves Euge, you know?"

Although there is a cover of �Just My Imagination,� the album features other original material with titles such as �Get Em Goin�,� �Straight Up,� �This Must Be For Real� and �Ballerina Girl.� There are eight full songs and three interludes, called �gimmealilclick,� �gonnatakeyouhigher� and �cantstopthefunk.�

Musicians include Clarence McDonald keyboards, Freddie Washington on bass, Ray Parker Jr. on guitar, David T. Walker on guitar, Lenny Castro on percussion and James Gatson on drums.

Just Feels Right will be released on Aug. 30.

Just Feels Right

1. gimmealilclick
2. Get Em Goin
3. Chillaxin
4. Just My Imagination (Runnin Away With Me)
5. gonnatakeuhigher
6. Straight Up
7. This Must Be For Real
8. Just Feels Right
9. cantstopdafunk
10. 12:08 AM
11. Ballerina Girl