It's No Mystery: ARTizen Offers Free Richard Elliot Song

Saxophonist Richard Elliot recorded a song called "Mystery" that can only be downloaded - for free. You do have to register, however.

RichardElliotMetroBlue.jpg?If you want to hear purchase Richard Elliot�s upcoming album called Metro Blue, you have to wait until it�s released on June 28. But, right now, you can download a song called �Mystery� that Richard recorded especially for his fans to download off the Internet. You can find the four-minute song at, a website that was unveiled this week.

ARTizen Music is the new record label that Elliot and trumpeter and partner Rick Braun debuted late last year. By the way, you won�t find �Mystery� on Metro Blue. The song was recorded during the same session as the new CD, but specifically for the free Internet download.

"It was done as an additional track to �Metro Blue,� but for the specific purpose of not putting in on the CD," Elliot says. "You can only get it on the website. And it�s 100 percent free. You don�t have to buy the CD to get the track. We�re embracing the online side of things whole-heartedly. We know it�s been a little bit of a dilemma for some of the larger labels. All new technologies have challenges that you have to overcome."