"London Underground": Gregg Karukas Sticking With Title Of New Single

Pianist Gregg Karukas hopes his new smooth jazz song will be greeted with a postive outlook.

GreggKarukasLookingUp.jpgThe terrorist attacks in London on July 7 � three of which occurred in the city�s subway system � created quite a coincidence for a new song by pianist Gregg Karukas. The first smooth jazz single from his upcoming album called Looking Up is called �London Underground.�

On his website, Karukas says the attacks hit close to home since his new record label, Trippin N Rhythm, is based in London and one of his oldest friends from grade school lives in the city. Karukas, who recorded �London Underground� months ago, says he and record label have decided to stick with the name of instrumental song because they hope its positive outlook will help soothe and unite people in their need to confront violence.

"It is quite a coincidence considering I came up the title to the first single, �London Underground,� a few months ago, mostly as a tribute to Trippin N Rhythm records, since they�re based in England," says Karukas. "I can only hope the upbeat vibe of �London Underground� will somehow has a positive impact. Music does have power, and I�m now even more dedicated to speaking out, and playing out, on behalf and tolerance in the world."

Looking Up will be released on Aug. 16.