Lee Ritenour Working on Melodic Music For 2006

The guitarist, who recently released a live-in-studio retrospective on his career, will be offering his fans some great new music in 2006.

LeeRitenour2.jpgLee Ritenour, who has released many diverse albums during the past few years, is now in the studio recording his first CD of original smooth jazz since 1998�s This Is Love. That CD featured the smash hit called �Ooh-Yeah.� Since then, Ritenour has offered a classical CD with Dave Grusin, A Twist of Marley featuring various artists in 2001, a jazz CD called Rit�s House in 2002, A Twist of Motown in 2003 and the current OverTime, a live-in-the-studio recording of his greatest hits.

The only bad news is that it looks like Ritenour won�t be working on any new Twist Of CDs for a while. Those compilations, which began in 1997 with a tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, are produced by the gutiarist and feature numerous smooth jazz artists. Ritenour says he wants to focus on the solo CD, which he hopes to release in the spring of 2006.

"Certain things come in phases, and we did three of the �Twists� that were all very successful," Ritenour says. "But I think a lot of fans of mine also want to see me focus on the Lee Ritenour solo career and the guitar, so the guitar being in front and center will be an important part of it."