Chuck Loeb Trying Life In South Carolina

Gutiarist Chuck Loeb has temporarily traded his home in New York for one on Hilton Head Island, S.C.

ChuckLoeb.jpgSmooth jazz guitarist Chuck Loeb, a native New Yorker, has just relocated to South Carolina.

The move was prompted after the Loebs learned that the house of one of their friends had burned down. Wanting to help out, the Loebs decided to offer up their house in Irvington, which is on the Hudson River north of New York City, to the family while they were rebuilding their destroyed home. At the same time, Loeb and his wife, Carmen Cuesta, felt that this gave them the perfect opportunity to test the waters as far as living in the South for a while.

Last year, Loeb and his wife invested in a home on Hilton Head Island, S.C. Loeb is now taking advantage of the nearby airport in Savannah, Ga., to travel back to New York for recording sessions and for traveling to shows. In fact, Chuck will be flying from Savannah to Boston on Sept. 24 for the annual Beantown Jazz Festival.

Loeb's most recent album, When I�m With You, features the Top 5 hit called "Tropical."