Rick Braun Streamcast Gives Glimpse Into Creative Process

Listen in as Rick Braun explains why he chose the songs he did for his upcoming cover album.

RickBraun_wtp.jpgRick Braun�s new CD of cover songs called Yours Truly won�t be released until Oct. 25, but right now you can hear song samples in addition to Rick�s explanation as to why he chose the specific songs that he did. You can listen in by going to www.artizenmusic.com to hear a streamcast, or you download it to listen to at whenever you want.

Braun says the nine-minute audio is one of many interactive features that will be unveiled at the home of the ARTizen Music Group, which was co-founded by Rick and saxophonist Richard Elliot. During the five-minute audio, Rick explains that the upcoming CD is a love letter to his fans, which is why he chose Yours Truly as the title.

Among the interesting things you�ll hear what song inspired him when he fell in love for the first time, what songs he grooved to while driving from his home to Pennsylvania to L.A. to embark on his musical career, and what track he couldn�t stop listening to after it came out.

"I�ve been lucky to have a pretty successful career in smooth jazz," Braun says. "I�ve got a lot of very loyal fans. So I decided to record a CD that was a compilation of some of my favorite songs and dedicate it to all of my fans who have given me this incredible career. On the liner notes, you'll see that I I sign it off as, 'Yours truly, Rick Braun.' "