Richy Kicklighter Kicks Back With Chill Guitar Grooves

Veteran Florida guitarist Richy Kicklighter returns with a welcome CD.

kicklighter2.jpgYou may never have heard of Florida guitarist Richy Kicklighter, but over the course of seven albums he�s made some of the most mellow and gorgeous smooth jazz on the planet.

Kighlighter's King�s Highway and Myakka CDs from 1993 and 1994, respectively, are two of his best. It may conjure up overworked images, but his best songs on those and all of his CDs have been the ones that�d be kissin' cousins for the warm breezes of tropical nights.

Kicklighter � and you have to love that name � returns with 12 new songs on Moving Skies, released on his Midnight Pass Music. There are many memorable moments here, but the one song that jumps out as one of the guitarist�s new classics is the title track. It�s simple, elegant and the perfect chill-out tune after a hot day at the beach. �Bahia Vista� and �Indian Shores� would work also.

A perfect way to iron out stresses, Moving Skies is a muy bueno guilty pleasure, better than therapy.