Steve Oliver Offers Free Download Of �Imagine� On Dec. 8

Guitarist Steve Oliver offering free download of "Imagine" in honor of John Lennon.

beatle_john.jpgDec. 8 is the anniversary of a somber milestone. It was 25 years ago that John Lennon was killed by Mark David Chapman outside the Dakota apartment building in New York as he returned home from a recording session. Thousands of fans worldwide will pause to reflect on Lennon�s life and career and thousand will gather in New York�s Strawberry Fields, located inside Central Park, to remember the former Beatle. Many will gather around a mosaic that reads simply, �Imagine.� It is, of course, in honor of Lennon�s iconic solo song of the same name.

To honor Lennon in his own way, smooth jazz guitarist Steve Oliver is making available his recording of his version of �Imagine� as a free digital download. The song � taken from Steve�s album called 3D � will only be available for free on Dec. 8.

Oliver says that he grew up listening to the Beatles, and John Lennon's message of hope and peace continues to weave its way into his own compositions.

To get your copy of "Imagine," go to