Chris Standring Creates Guitar Course For Beginners

Guitar Made Simple comes on a CD-ROM, with a discount if purchased before Feb. 28.

cd_rom.jpgSeveral years ago, guitarist Chris Standring created a guitar-lesson course focusing on jazz called Play What You Hear. It was designed for those who already played the guitar. Now Standring is offering a brand-new course, Guitar Made Simple, that is designed for beginning and intermediate guitar players. The home-study course, which comes on a CD-ROM, offers numerous videos of Standring explaining the lessons as he goes along. There are 12 chapters covering everything from how to hold the guitar, learning chords and how to read simple music. The course gets more detailed as it moves along.

I have a copy of Guitar Made Simple and heartily recommend it to beginners and for those with a little experience.

Standring will release a brand-new CD in May called Soul Express.