New Chris Standring Single Is Smooth Jazz Perfection

Guitarist Chris Standring will release a new CD in May, with a Paul Brown-produced single hitting airwaves later this month. He is now a part of the Trippin N Rhythm roster.

Guitarist Chris Standring who recently signed a contract with Trippin N Rhythm, which was founded in 1999 in London, has finished a new album for the label called Soul Express. It�s his first since Groovalicious was released in July of 2003.

The new, 11-song CD features original songs written mostly by Chris and his longtime writing partner Rodney Lee. The first single, �I Can�t Help Myself,� is co-written and produced by hitmaker Paul Brown, whose had a hand in more than 40 No. 1 songs. The single will be released to smooth jazz radio later this month. It�s a loping, sweet-as-candy slice of music that�s sure to be a hit with listeners.

Standring also covers �As� from Stevie Wonder�s Songs in the Key of Life and �Giant Steps� from the iconic saxophonist John Coltrane.

Among the musicians on the CD are bassists Roberto Valley and Stan Sargent, drummer Dave Karasony and vocalist Jeff Robinson.

Standring, originally from the U.K. but now living in Southern California, is pleased to be part of the Trippin roster, which also includes Paul Hardcastle. Standring has his nationality in common with Hardcastle and with his new label�s founder and president, Les Cutmore.

�It might have helped us connect somewhat but I think Les has seen my success happen in England probably before he saw it happen here,� Standring say. �Because when Jazz FM was happening, there was a couple of DJs completely pounding my stuff over there, several times a day. And Les, being based in London, was probably listening to that station all the time. So he got wind of exactly what I was doing over there before I probably had that much going on over here at all.�

Soul Express Track Listing

1. Constellation (Standring)
2. Kaleidoscope (Standring/Lee)
3. Method to the Madness (Standring/Lee)
4. I Can�t Help Myself (Standring/P. Brown/C. Simone)
5. Shooting Stars (Standring/Lee)
6. Mumbo Jumbo (Standring/Lee)
7. Thru the Looking Glass (Standring/Lee)
8. Catwalk (Standring/Lee)
9. Giant Steps (John Coltrane)
10. As (Stevie Wonder)
11. Soul Express (Standring/Lee)