Berks Jazz Fest 2006: Larry Carlton

Berks2006_LarryCarlton.jpgSaturday afternoon Larry Carton and his Blue Sapphire Band were on, the band consisting of a four piece horn section, his son Travis Carlton on bass, drums, and venerable buddy Greg Mathieson on keyboards. The played a few blues numbers from their last two CDs, the latest one called Firewire. He then switched to his acoustic guitar for some of his best known songs "Minute By Minute" and "Smiles and Smiles To Go" before returning to his electric guitar. Each member of the horn section also had their solo spots, proving that each of them is an accomplished jazz musician. Son Travis anchored the music with his bass and turned out to be a very good player during his solo part where he could slap his bass and groove around. Larry Carlton finished his concert with his classic "Sleepwalk" from the album of the same name.