Berks Jazz Fest 2006: Late Nite Jam

Berks2006_LateNiteJam.jpgDuring the festival a raffle was held to support the Berks Arts Council, with the winner getting four tickets for the upcoming Brian Culbertson cruise. All people holding a raffle ticket were admitted to this show which started at 1am at the Sheraton and was hosted by guitar player Nick Colionne, backed by the band of Brian Culbertson which just had finished their show an hour earlier. Nick is not only a superb guitar player but also a witty person and funny guy to boot. This show was a lot looser and destined to be more wild than any show before it. Nick kicked off the concert with some flashy playing over a funky groove laid down by the band before surprise guest artists started to drop in. One of them was Brian Culbertson who played mainly the trombone, then unexpectedly Alan Hewitt showed up and played one of his songs at the keyboard, before other people came to the stage. One of them was sax player Kim Waters, who played the drunken man with a bottle of beer in his hands, which was critically examined and passed around by the other band members, before he went to the keyboard to play. Shows that Kim Waters is a dedicated keyboard player and despite the state he was in played some nice notes there leaving his sax at home. Eric Darius showed up as well, playing some cool sax, and Gerald Veasley, delivering a great bass solo, so we received a superlative and above all a funny, not too serious show which was utterly entertaining.

Photo credit: Michael Packard