Berks Jazz Fest 2006: Paul Jackson, Jr.

Berks2006_PaulJackson2.jpgSunday morning the WJJZ Smooth Jazz Sunday Brunch at the Sheraton Hotel was on. This event includes a brunch with a rich buffet, with people seated at tables which hold 10 people. After all have eaten the show takes place; it�s always a good way to meet and greet people. This year guitar player Paul Jackson Jr. was responsible to entertain us and he did a good job as always. He was supported by his top notch touring band and played a string of hits from his previous albums. He is a witty guy and his "back in the day" rap went down very well with the crowd who obviously could relate to what he was saying. His musical reference to these days gone by with covers of great R&B classics delighted the audience and his fluid guitar playing was a joy to hear. I love the way he brings out a melody, improvises around it never losing sight of the original song, with nice dynamics making it interesting and entertaining. Of the three keyboard players he had in the band two turned out to be great sax players as well contributing solos on the alto and tenor sax respectively. This was an outstanding show by one of the premier guitar players of our time. Unfortunately, I had to miss the encore to catch the next show which started right over at the Jazz Base.