Berks Jazz Fest 2006: Bona Fide, Slim Man

Berks2006_SlimMan.jpgBona Fide is a group which revolves around Tim Camponeschi, aka Slim Man, a singer and bass player. The band includes George Hazelrigg on keys, John E. Coale on drums and Kevin Levi on sax. All vocal numbers were tagged as Slim Man, while all instrumentals where played under the banner of Bona Fide, a funky outfit which records for HeadsUp Records. Slim Man started his career a long time ago and his romantic songs have graced the airwaves for quite a while. Bona Fide was founded in 1999, starting out with Joe Ercole on keys who was replaced with young George Hazelrigg since the last CD. They were alternating between Slim Man songs and Bona Fide instrumentals which turned out to be a good mix to provide an entertaining show. Bittersweet songs like "Angela" and "End Of The Rainbow" received an enthusiastic response from the audience, while the instrumental songs featuring great keyboard and sax soloing over the funky foundation of bass and drums proved that Bona Fide is not a short lived side project of Slim Man. Slim Man turned out to be a witty guy as well entertaining the crowd with his dry humor with a love for good red wine which was consumed by all band members during the show, also to celebrate the birthday of George Hazelrigg, who was nicknamed "Birthday Boy" that day. The club setting was great for this band and I enjoyed this concert thoroughly.