Berks Jazz Fest 2006: Triad feat. Steve Oliver, Michael Paulo, Gerald Veasley

Unfortunately I was not able to attend the show by Triad consisting of Steve Oliver on guitar, Michael Paulo on sax and Gerald Veasley on bass because it collided with other shows. At least I was able to catch the last two songs of their show which took place at the Jazz Base, a cozy club in the Sheraton Hotel, being the musical home base of Gerald Veasley. They played Grover's "Mr. Magic" as an encore which was just great. Steve Oliver did some scatting and singing in a way which reminded me of Bobby McFerrin - I am eager to see how this talent of his will develop in the future. Besides, he played a cool guitar solo employing a few different effects giving the song a cool twist before the sax of Michael Paulo kicked in again to bring the song to an end. The audience didn't want to let them go, and the players seemed to be in the mood to continue, so they were asking for guest artists in the audience to sit in with the band. Trumpet player Rick Braun volunteered to join the band, and together they played another song which brought an apparently outstanding concert to its end. Too bad I couldn't attend it during its full length.