Spyro Gyra's Wrapped In A Dream

The new release by Spyro Gyra, Wrapped In a Dream, the fourth album by the band for the label, Heads Up, was released officially on Tuesday, February 28th. This is the first full edition with newcomer Ludwig Alfonso on drums.

Tom Schuman, who lives in the desert of Nevada, as opposed to Jay Beckenstein, who still lives in the cold of New York State during the winter time, has received rave reviews for his recent solo effort, Deep Chill. It's too bad this album, which features the contributing talents of Chuck Loeb and Jeff Kashiwa, hasn't been worthy of a little more radio airplay nationwide. Tom is truly one of the most underrated keyboardists of jazz.

The signature sounds of veteran comtemporary jazz group, Fattburger, will be performing in the Club Tequila showroom at the Fiesta Hotel in Las Vegas Friday March 10th.

Look for ex-NBA all-star and jazz bassist Wayman Tisdale in the Railhead showroom at the Boulder Station Hotel in Vegas, Saturday, March 18th.

Donny Osmond, who's been associated with everything from bubblegum pop, to r & b, to Broadway shows, to a current renewed career on the smooth jazz charts, will be performing at the Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas, March 2nd-5th.

Some time back I commented that I would examine the revised format of smooth jazz known as "chill". Well since that format has yet to take off, there doesn't seem to be a need to address it. However, Chris Botti is still doing a syndicated show nationwide with the title, "Chill", that seems to be doing well.

SPECIAL NOTE: I would like to apologize for the first paragraph which states that Ludwig Alfonso played on the entire album of Wrapped In A Dream. Ludwig is the current drummer for the Spyro Gyra for all intent and information available to date, but the credits list Josh Dion as the drummer for the album.