Chris Standring CD Cover Banned

The guitarist had to re-crop the cover of his upcoming CD after it was deemed too provocative.

Guitarist Chris Standring wanted something hot and eye-catching on the cover of his fourth solo CD, Soul Express. Now it turns out that the cover was just too hot to handle.

Standring received word that some retail outlets, when getting a glimpse of what he had it mind, said they would not carry the CD unless it was redone. Why the fuss? Well, instead of putting just another image of himself on the cover, Standring decided on a provocative image of model Holly Weber with only a strategically placed hand and a slim belt between her and nudity.

Standring's record label, Trippin N Rhythm, has now cropped the CD cover photo to the satisfaction of retail. If you want to see what the current CD cover looks like, you can go to There, you can also visit Standring's Backstage Area to see the full image that was rejected. The image is also pictured here.

Soul Express � which features the hot smooth jazz hit �I Can�t Help Myself,� will be available on May 9. Standring will be joining keyboardist Jeff Lorber and vocalist Jody Watley on the Soul Express tour this summer.


[As admirers of all things beautiful we would like to make this cover available to you here. Peter B�hi]