Smooth Jazz Vibes: 10th anniversary

Smooth Jazz Vibes celebrates its 10th anniversary this month! Founded by smooth jazz aficionado Peter B�hi in May 1996, and being one of the very first of its kind, this site has been going strong all these years spreading the word about our favorite kind of music.

In the early years, the site was launched as a one-man enterprise on the budding Internet to pass on news from the smooth jazz scene. At that time one had to write letters to record companies to get catalogs and information, or read publications like Jazziz or Blues & Soul to find out what was new; there was no or any other convenient source of information like the Internet we take for granted these days. Our site filled a void and built a loyal following over the years.

Initially, fellow contributor Dan Margules, who posted his R&J Newsletter on CompuServe joined and made his work available here, and in addition, fellow music journalist Jonathan Widran (who I met through Dan in 1993) became a regular contributor with his Contempo column which is available in its entirety since its inception on this site - unaltered and in its original form. During these years Jonathan has risen to become the premier smooth jazz journalist in the country, writing for publications like Jazziz, Smooth Jazz News and numerous others. I am happy not only to have him on board but also to call him a personal friend.

Maybe not all readers are aware of the fact that this site is operated by a gynecologist in his spare time. To be honest - I often was on the verge of quitting with all other things going on in my personal life, but looking at what had been achieved over the years, each time I decided to pull through and continue. I never made any money from the site, instead I - and all the people currently working for it - dedicate their time and resources to keep the site running and support the music we all love.

Today my thanks go to Beverly Packard from Reading, PA who enthusiastically covers the music scene in Berks county and who is a great interviewer and concert reviewer, supported by husband Michael who is a gifted photographer. Through them I got my connections to the Berks Jazz Festival which is one of the very best in the whole country and a place I always love to come back to, not only for the music, but also for all the great friendship and fun which surrounds this event.

I also am grateful to have people like Brian Soergel, Denis Poole, Danny Desart and Joe Montague contributing to the site, I would not be able to run it without their invaluable input. Thank you my friends!

Last highlight of the site was the addition of our Internet radio channel in March 2006 aptly called SmoothVibes highlighting our favorite music off the beaten path of Broadcast Architecture. Check it out, you will love it!

Today Smooth Jazz Vibes is going strong and is committed like never before to continue and grow in order to bring you the best information and best music from the scene. Thanks for visiting the site, and we all look forward to continue the journey with you into the next decade!