Helen Rogers Returns On New Jazzmasters CD

Paul Hardcastle's new Jazzmasters CD will be released on July 25.

Jazzmasters-5-cover.jpgPaul Hardcastle is returning to the familiar for his next CD but at the same time trying something new. He's once again reunited with vocalist Helen Rogers for Jazzmasters V, which he recently completed. Rogers has always been part of the Jazzmasters CDs, which alternate with the Hardcastle ones.

But on the new CD, Rogers only sings on three songs, �Children of the Ghetto,� �Garden of Eden� and �Live for the Dream,� after appearing on six of the 13 songs on Jazzmasters 4. That obviously means the new CD is more of an instrumental project than previous Jazzmasters efforts.

The 11-song CD features titles such as the first single "Free As the Wind,� �Never Far Away� and �The Sun Says Goodbye.� Jazzmasters 5 will be available July 25 on Trippin 'N Rhythm.