Ready To Be Released Billy Cobham Drum�n�voice Vol. 2

billy-web.gifAfter the great success of Drum�n�voice � All That Groove distributed world wide by Sony on 2001, within few weeks Nicolosi Productions will release Billy Cobham Drum�n�voice Vol. 2 in which Billy Cobham is performing with some old friends from the �1970's when musicians first experimented with jazz-rock 'fusion' (this involves the combining of jazz musical concepts with rock and roll rhythms) - and show that those years still can be inspirational.

Nicolosi Productions is following the usual formula and again is offering a great list of guests like: Brian Auger (hammond organ), Buddy Miles (voice), Frank Gambale (el.guit.), Mike Lindup (voice), Dominic Miller (guitars), Jeff Berlin (el.bass), Guy Barker (flicorno), John Patitucci (el.bass), Airto Moreira (perc.), Novecento (band) and Jan Hammer (synt. 30 years after Spectrum), inside a panorama of pop, electric jazz, funky, blues, smooth and world music.

With the first Drum�n�Voice, Billy Cobham made himself approachable as well for the less used to the jazz sonority - something that has given to him the vantage to increase his popularity - the Drum�n�Voice Vol. 2 abandoned a good part of the pop concepts and presents sounds that stand strongly with jazz, rock, funky and blues.

Here Cobham is again the album�s soul as his guests take strength in their performance from his drumming. A home coming that is clearly updated from the Seventies.

The Nicolosis Brothers (owner of the label) are the authors of all the tracks but two: Real Funk written in collaboration with Buddy Miles and One more time to live in collaboration with Dominic Miller and Mike Lindup.

At the moment Nicolosi Productions features an album on world wide distribution with Wrasse: Gregg �Kofi� Brown�s Together as One (feat. Sting).

Another one of their productions, Novecento�s Dreams of Peace featuring Stanley Jordan, has been on top (1st place) of CD101.9 Smooth Jazz in New York on 2003.

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Releasing date: September 20, 2006

Track list:

1. Waveform (feat. Brian Auger)
2. Real Funk (feat. Buddy Miles-Frank Gambale)
3. Running (feat. Novecento)
4. Final Destination (feat. Novecento)
5. One More Day To Live (feat. Mike Lindup-Dominic Miller)
6. Ozone Part 1 (feat. Airto Moreira)
7. Ozone Part 2 (feat. Dominic Miller, Jan Hammer, Jeff Berlin)
8. Take Seven (feat. John Patitucci)
9. Let Me Breathe (feat. Novecento)
10. Amazon (feat. Airto Moreira)