SwissGroove: new website successfully launched, now the home of SwissGroove & SmoothVibes audiochannels, is proud to announce today the launch of its newly designed website, created by

While earlier facelifts of the site has been done internally, the new website has been planned and realized by professional web designers from Switzerland.

"It's high time we develop a website that really lives up to not only our sense of quality, but also that of our listeners. It reflects our intention and aim to be regarded as serious entrepreneurs within the online-radio business. It must serve as an attractive and well structured platform so that advertising companies, sponsors and partners feel comfortable having their names and logos displayed on it," says Thomas P. Illes, PR & Marketing Director.

The designers have done an excellent job: the website contains a simple navigation menu, an attractive, clean layout and lean programming.

Time goes on and the progress within the online-radio sector is fast and steep. "We carefully evaluate the infrastructure and technology in use on a regular basis so that we can adjust them quickly, as the needs of our high quality biased listeners dictate," says founder Patrik Jungo.

Besides the newly launched website, the makers have also succeeded in partnering with All Blues, the leading concert-agency within Switzerland in the Jazz, Soul, Blues & World sector. "Thanks to the Internet, our audiochannels can be heard worldwide. We want to be best known and most listened to locally here in Switzerland, but, of course, don't mind if people from other countries fancy our radio, too," says Patrik Jungo.

SwissGroove listeners may also look forward to some new Station Ids & Jingles that will be introduced in October on both channels. They will be produced by Devaweb in Great Britain, the company who has already been in charge of the ones currently used on SwissGroove.

Moreover, a special radio shows fully dedicated to Jazz, produced and presented by Thomas P. Illes, aka DJ Thilles will soon be introduced. The show will be called Exploring Jazz and will be broadcasted weekly.

Now, it's time for you to check out our new website at, where you will find further information about SwissGroove, the music and people behind this innovative venture.