It�s a �Lovely Day�: New album from soul-jazz vocalist Victor Fields out today

cdcoverthinkingofyou.jpgAfter releasing three eclectic, critically-acclaimed albums, vocalist Victor Fields has found a comfortable niche to focus his soul-kissed adult pop songs of love.� His Thinking Of You CD was released today by Regina Records.� Joined by smooth jazz luminaries Richard Elliot (sax), Rick Braun (flugelhorn), Jeff Lorber (keyboards), Nelson Braxton (multi-instrumentalist) and Chris Camozzi (guitar), Fields fully explored the genre while serving up eight R&B cover tunes and two originals co-penned by Lorber on the Camozzi-produced collection. �Naturally suited to his silky vocals, Fields� version of the Bill Withers� sunny classic, �Lovely Day,� was serviced to smooth jazz radio last month where it is presently garnering airplay. �

Fields recorded Thinking Of You with Camozzi as close to live as possible at the famed The Record Plant studio in Sausalito, California, not too far from the Bay Area resident�s home.� The album is up-tempo and organic comprised of elegant vocals over funky tracks.� It�s decidedly more fun, more upbeat and more danceable than his previous releases (Victor, 52nd Street and Promise).� Attempting to make each song a musical event, Fields carefully selects interesting and challenging songs that he can make his own by infusing his personality and energy. �His phrasing, color and tone are distinctly jazzy and soulful.� While Fields is naturally drawn to love songs, he�s quick to remind that not all love songs are slow and sad.� In this era of disposable popular music and �flavor of the month� idols, Fields is a refreshing song stylist who truly studies his craft, sings songs of meaning and substance, and strives to create a significant body of work that will stand the test of time.

Thinking Of You has already begun earning praise.� ABYSSJazz Magazine declared, �If you are looking for that soulful R&B crooner with a jazzy feel, Victor Fields is your man.� His voice can be described as satin, velvet, suede�This album is all hits and no misses.� With guest appearances by Richard Elliot on �Walking In Rhythm� and Rick Braun on �Creepin�,� you can�t go wrong.�� SoulTracks wrote, ��the tasteful take given by Fields and the fine musicianship of the band make Thinking Of You a surprisingly enjoyable effort�His (Fields) unassuming, smooth lead plus strong, jazzy arrangements throughout make this a solid effort and fine late-night listening.���

Last month, Fields delivered a sterling performance with his band at the annual Radio & Records convention in front of an enthusiastic audience of key radio and music industry professionals.� He also filmed an interview that will soon air on the nationally syndicated Smooth Jazz Television show.� On November 10th, Fields will perform a concert in his �backyard� at the Regents Theatre in Oakland.�

Having achieved wealth through business, Fields decided to pursue his true love: singing.� He�s invested his own money into producing his albums and releasing them independently, which certainly isn�t easy.� Top recording artists and musicians work with him because they believe in his talent.� �I�m trying to be the best musically that I can be,� explained Fields.� �I feel blessed to work with such great musicians.� They inspire me to elevate my game and to come up with something special.� What I aim to do is bring elements of old school jazz legends and classic R&B artists and merge them with the best of today�s musical sensibilities.��������������

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