Tozzi, Smooth Jazz WJJZ Back - Greater Media sets Nov. 15 Launch in Philly

The dramatic news was music to the ears of loyal and passionate listeners of smooth jazz radio.

MichaelTozzi.jpgGreater Media announced last week that Michael Tozzi will be the program director of the "new" Smooth Jazz WJJZ 97.5 FM in Philadelphia when the format returns to the airwaves on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

"I cannot tell you what a thrill it is to be asked to help in bringing Smooth Jazz back to Philadelphia,� said Tozzi. �Greater Media is a company that many of my friends have been attracted to over the last few years, so I am delighted to be joining a team that is committed to winning in such a competitive marketplace."

Greater Media announced its agreement to acquire 97.5 FM from Nassau Broadcasting Partners last July. The acquisition will be finalized in November.

Greater Media will flip the current format -- Classic Rock WTHK/The Hawk -- to Smooth Jazz WJJZ 97.5 FM on Nov. 15.

The return of WJJZ will quell the firestorm of public outcry from numerous and extremely vocal disenfranchised smooth jazz fans in the market after Clear Channel abruptly abandoned the format in Philadelphia late last August.

"We are very excited about bringing smooth jazz back to the Philadelphia market," said Greater Media Philadelphia VP and market manager John Fullam. "We sensed a lot of disappointment among listeners and advertisers when WJJZ changed its format.

"It's gratifying to be able to relaunch a station with such a loyal following and one that has been successful for so long in Philadelphia and surrounding markets.

�Michael Tozzi is synonymous with WJJZ and is the natural choice to lead the way. Michael's passion, vision and leadership in smooth jazz will serve us well and we are thrilled to have him on our team."