The Renowned Rock Group Toto Will Be Rocking The City Of Dubai With Jazz

The legendary rock group, Toto, have confirmed their participation in the 5th edition of the Dubai International Jazz Festival 2007. This leg is the band�s first gig in any Arab world.

Toto.jpgA band like Toto, has become a worldwide household name, with at least a disc or two on every music rack that includes songs dating back to the late 70s, songs we grew up listening to, songs we�ve heard on every radio station, hits that lived on and on and no matter how much we think that music evolved, we keep coming back and humming Toto�s songs unwillingly.

Toto is one of the rare gems of rock music, a band with its front man guitar player, Steve Lukather who have influenced generations of rock stars and other inspiring artists just like Elvis Presley and Jimi Hendrix did.

But the band doesn�t fall short of a legendary line up besides Lukather, stars whom each have also their own independent work and have played with other legendary artists, the likes of Simon Philips on drums, Mike Porcaro on Bass, Bobby Kimball on Vocals, Greg Phillinganes on keyboards and vocals and David Paich on Keyboards and vocals too.

Anthony Younes, Managing Director Of Chillout Productions, the founders and Organizers of the Dubai International Jazz Festival, said: �I am so excited to have arranged this leg for the Dubai International Jazz Festival 2007. I have a clear vision of the audience watching Toto live, yes I can see endless waves of fans stoned immaculate while witnessing how Steve Lukather and Toto are continuing to hone their chops and progress musically, up to perfection.�

And by the time Toto reach Dubai, they will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with songs that defy taste or musical back ground, hits such as "Rosana", "Stop Loving you", "Hold the Line" and "Africa" to name a few.

And with the release of their new Album, Falling In Between, nothing short of excellence and genius�, Toto will not only be playing their classical repertoire but also some new and fresh material that includes Toto�s most innovative sounds, songs in which Toto have upped and revamped their musical tastes and ideas and retooled them for a new generation.

Yes after 7 years of original studio inactivity one of the world�s most favorite bands returns with a dynamic illustration of why this group of 6 can be considered the most talented rock group ever assembled and lucky Dubai will be the eye witness to why Toto won 4 Grammy Awards and why each member has played on most of our best songs ever recorded.

�If anything, the band is stronger and vital than ever and they�re flying to Dubai to show a definite resurgence in their live musical powers. Toto live at the Dubai International Jazz Festival is already a divine memory written down in the chapters of history before their arrival here. And who knows maybe next year we�ll be resurrecting Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix or Jim Morrison.� Said Anthony laughing.

In almost 30 years, with some of the most skillful, interesting, and great music ever recorded, Toto who have already received their own star on Vienna's Walk Of Stars at the Gasometer on August 17th 2006, is not to be missed live at The Dubai International Jazz Festival 2007.