Can't Beat This: Shilts Offers Free Download

Saxophonist Shilts recently called on smooth jazz superstar producer Paul Brown to remix his hit single titled �Look What�s Happened.� Now, for a limited time, Shilts is making the remix available as a free download.

This is a good deal, since the song is easily one of the best of the year.

Shilts, who is also a member of the British group Down to the Bone, earlier this year released his second CD, HeadBoppin, his first for the ARTizen Music Group, the record label co-created by trumpeter Rick Braun and saxophonist Richard Elliot.

Shilts actually wrote the song shortly after his first CD was released five years ago. "It�s gone through many different kinds of arrangements over the years and I kept going back to it," he says. "It�s something I really wanted to go on the album and was really pleased when it was one that Rick and the guys chose."

To get the free download, go to