Earl Klugh At Suncoast

December 1st through 3rd the Suncoast Hotel showroom will host a great weekend special with jazz acoustic guitar great Earl Klugh.

The complete lineup for the Fifteenth Annual City Of Lights Jazz Festival 2007 is as follows:

Friday, April 20th
Stone Soul Picnic
George Duke
Dazz Band

Saturday April 21st
Richard Elliot
Peter White
Rick Braun
Jonathon Butler
Nick Colione
Urban Jazz Coalition
Philippe Saisse

Tickets go on sale nationwide, Saturday, January 27th. Call 1-800-969-VEGAS


On a personal statement I just want to say that although Tower Records is closing down nationwide, the opportunity has never been greater for many indie jazz musicians to step up their online fanbase and make it a an even playing field against corporate programming consultants who have taken every format, and especially smooth jazz, and sterilized them to the point that everything either sounds alike, and very repetitive, and over produced. Long live XM and Sirius.

And forget getting a label deal. An artist really doesn't need one today as much as he did five years ago, or even two years ago.

I would like to be able to identify the individuals today who are playing the instruments in jazz as opposed to just the song. Jazz, not so much traditional or progressive, but smooth, sounds so mass produced to the point that it's becoming a "one-record-fits-all".

Of course it has been the tradition for commercial jazz since the days of Grover Washington Jr. and Winelight that the solos were limiting and the "vibe" was the sale. Well the vibe is still the sale, but at what cost?

And by the way, what happened to Spyro Gyra getting their fair share of airplay? They sound as great as ever. Fourplay? Some airplay gets through. And why does smooth jazz radio have sooooo many Adult Contemporary vocals mixed in that I might as well turn to the local AC station to hear an equal amount of "jazz".

Everette Harp said in an interview some earlier this year that his last producer kept him in line so he would not become so "self-indulgent". Everette, if I were your producer I would encourage you to become more self-indulgent once in awhile. You have the passion and the soul. And that's why I have every CD. But recently I felt you held back from what I am used to from previous recordings. My perception. 'Nuff said for now.

In the meantime have a happy and healthy holiday season. Seeya next year!!!!!