Dynamic British singer, songwriter, and pianist Jamie Cullum live at the 2007 Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival

JamieCullum.jpgChillout Productions have confirmed the presence of the scruffy, self-taught British pianist/singer/songwriter, Jamie Cullum, at the 5th edition of the Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival 2007.

Jamie can create music to which both seasoned jazz fans and young pop fanatics have responded earnestly. Jamie is not just another music fad. His major label debut, Twentysomething, has not only made Jamie a star, but has set the records as the fastest-selling jazz debut in UK history, where it was certified Platinum in just six weeks!

�To categorize Jamie�s music as Jazz is doing him injustice because to some, Jazz is now considered largely mired in the past. However, at the same time, Cullum is not even one of those sort of a fad, glittery bubble gum wanna-be musicians. He doesn�t even fall between any styles. This HYPER LAD simply laces his original jazzy tunes with modern hip-hop, rock or even folk accents, leaving you in a relaxed and comfortable state of mind where you�d feel more secure to the future of music where piano men will be as exciting as lead guitar players!�

Jamie celebrates jazz through his original material and retrofits standards to accommodate elements of the music he grew up with, from rock to rap to drum & bass.

And in one of his interviews Jamie said: "I'm pulling in loads of elements from all these different areas, and then making my own sound out of them all. I'm not interested in being some kind of museum piece, and I don't want to present my music in a way that's old fashioned. I'm not wearing a suit, and I don't stand still when I'm singing. I'm jumping off the piano."

�We�re looking forward to see Jamie treating his piano well as a prop, hammering it with rock 'n' roll fervor, and slapping every inch of it�s body, all the while coaxing sonorous and echoing tones from its keys. No doubt, the 26-year-old phenomenon is coming to Dubai with one thing in his mind, and that is to set the stage and crowd on fire. � Said Anthony Younes Managing Director Of Chillout Productions, the founders and Organizers of the Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival.

Two big names have been confirmed till now, Toto, the rock legends on the 9th of March 2007 and Jamie Cullum on the 10th of March 2007 will be rocking the city of Dubai with Jazz at Dubai Media City �outdoor amphitheater� during the 5th edition of the 2007 Skywards Dubai International Jazz Festival.