Brenda Russell Is A Happy Grandmother

BR-Nehemiah.jpgVocalist and composer Brenda Russell has some great news she wants to share: She�s a first-time grandmother. Russell's daughter, Lindsay Walker, had her first baby on Jan. 26, a boy that she and her husband, Jonas Walker, named Nehemiah. The baby, born at a Los Angeles area hospital, checked in at 8 pounds, 9 ounces. Lindsay, who is 30, and Jonas were married in April of 2004. Russell was in the delivery room as Nehemiah was born and reports that he is healthy and happy.

"Yes, we are very much excited in our family," Russell says. "I�m already the doting grandmother. It�s pathetic. I now understand why they have all these silly signs on people�s cars. I�m the happy grandparent or whatever. I get it. It�s a life-changing experience. It�s so profound to see how generations just keep coming. It�s an amazing thing you have to experience to really get it, you know?"

Lindsay Walker is a talented singer and songwriter who performed background vocals on Brenda�s hit single titled �Catch On,� in addition to performing background vocals for Smokey Robinson on tour.