Keiko Matsui - Moyo

KeikoMatsui_Moyo.jpgContemporary Jazz icon Keiko Matsui's new album, Moyo (Swahili for "heart and soul"), recorded on location with musicians in South Africa, Japan and the United States, introduces new sounds and rhythms to her elegant piano melodies and gentle jazz grooves. Matsui's first self-produced album - this time without the usual input from her ex-husband Kazu Matsui - Moyo debuts April 24th from Shout! Factory.

The 12 new songs on Moyo evoke a sense of freedom and independence, as this is the first time Matsui has had total artistic control. For this special project, Matsui invited other artists into the creative process, including legendary trumpeter Hugh Masakela, tenor sax player Gerald Albright, soprano sax player Paul Taylor, Richard Bona on bass and vocals Akira Jimbo on Drums and Waldemar Bastos on Vocals.

Recording in South Africa influenced the songs on the album greatly. "A Great Romance" was inspired by a piano factory in the country side, the only place available for rehearsal, while "Marula" was written after she tasted the fruit from an elephant tree. With over 1.2 million units sold in the U.S. and sold-out appearances at concert halls across the world, Matsui is one of the most recognized artists in the genre. A mainstay on the concert circuit, Matsui looks forward to an extensive world tour this spring and summer. Dates begin in March in cities around the world from South Africa and Ukraine to Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY.

1. Moyo (Heart And Soul)
2. A Great Romance
3. Into The Night
4. Caricias
5. An Evening In Gibraltar
6. When I Close My Eyes
7. After The Rain
8. Allure
9. Black River
10. Old Potch Road
11. Um Novo Dia (A New Day)
12. Marula

Guest musicians:
Hugh Masekela - horns
Gerald Albright - sax
Paul Taylor - sax
Richard Bona - bass
Jimbo Akira - Drums