Berks Jazz Fest 2007: Steve Oliver

Berks07_Oliver.jpgWhile David Sanborn and Pat Martino were having their performances at the Sheraton the inimitable Steve Oliver was scheduled to appear at the Wyndham in a non-ticketed event which took place in the club-like setting of L'Arte della Vita Jazz Cabaret. Steve Oliver appeared just with the great percussion player Humberto Vela, who added many grooves and colors to the proceedings, while Steve relied on his guitar (which triggered a multitude of synths) and vocals. The duo created a surprisingly full sound and Steve Oliver was just happy to play and perform songs from his vast catalog of music. Outstanding moments of the concert were the uptempo "Chips & Salsa" with some first-rate guitar playing and a vocal where he added sounds in the spirit of Bobby McFerrin, accompanied by his guitar synth, which left the audience in awe. Other highlights were his hit songs "High Noon" featuring some flashy guitar playing and vocal ad-libs, the great song "Cool" and the yet unrecorded vocal "Fearless", which will be part of an upcoming all-vocals album. His show was much appreciated, Steve Oliver is one of the greatest talents on the scene and I always look forward to hear more music of this truly original and constantly developing artist.

Here is a snippet of the action (sorry for the low light conditions):