Berks Jazz Fest 2007: Sax Pack

Berks07_SaxPack.jpgLate Saturday evening the great The Sax Pack, featuring Jeff Kashiwa, Kim Waters and Steve Cole, were scheduled to appear at the Sheraton. These three artists belong to the absolute best smooth jazz sax players on the scene and their energetic shows are always a treat, besides their styles merge well. They were joking, pulling each others legs and having just fun on stage. Each of these artists played songs from his catalog, some songs were done together, some individually. Kim Waters played his hit song "Waterfall" in his smooth and sexy style, while Steve Cole delivered several songs from his latest release True, among them "Just A Natural Thang" and - as I had hoped - the gorgeous "Curtis" which gave him the opportunity to express himself on the tenor sax. Jeff Kashiwa announced a new release to come out in June, he played two songs from that making us look forward to hear it soon. All off the artists made their strolls into the audience, sometimes together, which stirred quite some heart. The band was grooving hard, among them were bass player Dave Hiltebrand, keyboard player Mike Richiutti and guitar player Jerry Johnson. This great concert was concluded with Jeff Kashiwa's radio hit "Hyde Park (the "Ah, Oooh" song)" giving the audience a change to contribute the vocal part. This was another top notch concert full of fun and energy by three really outstanding sax players.