Michael Lington Wants Your Memories

Lington_Stairs_Big.jpgWhat is your favorite memory of Michael Lington? The smooth jazz saxophonist wants to know. In 50 words or less, you can share your experience with Michael by emailing to teamlington@yahoo.com. Include your name, address and email address. Several people�s memories will be chosen to be included in a future edition of Lington�s newsletter, which he emails to those subscribing to his mailing list at michaellington.com.

Lington is now creating some memories of his own as he is composing songs for a new CD to follow-up last year�s project of his favorite cover tunes, A Song For You. The new CD, which will feature the songwriting and producing talents of Michael Sembello, who collaborated with Lington on 2004�s Stay With Me CD, will have Latin, pop and R&B elements. The saxophonist says all the songs will be originals and there will be a few vocal tunes.