Object Thrown From Kenny G's House Injures Girl

We�re learning more about an incident that occurred on the beach in front of Kenny G�s Malibu house that injured a young girl. On June 23, a girl visiting Little Dume Beach with her family was struck in the head with an object allegedly thrown from the property belonging to the famed saxophonist. Brooke Porter, who is 9, was visiting the beach with her family and suffered a bleeding injury to her head. After the incident, Brooke�s father, Bart Porter, jumped over the fence of Kenny�s estate and was met by Kenny�s wife, Lyndie Benson, who later acknowledged that someone had indeed thrown something from her house.

However, Benson disputes the father�s claim that it was a rock that was thrown at his daughter and that it was intentional. He claims that whoever threw the items targeted Brooke and her brother, a 12-year-old with Down Syndrome and autism. Benson says the object was a rolled up PowerBar, and that a friend of her 13-year-old son, Max, threw it. Benson paid for the young girl�s treatment at the Malibu Urgent Care, where she received four stitches and is scheduled to undergo an MRI. An investigation is being conducted by the local sheriff�s department, while Bart Porter is filing a lawsuit and considering filing criminal charges.

We know that Kenny wasn�t at the house at the time of the incident. He was in Bend, Oregon, performing at the grand opening of a new golf course.