Larry Carlton Reworks His Hits

Carlton_GreatestHits.jpgThree-time Grammy Award-winning guitarist Larry Carlton is now offering a unique retrospective titled Greatest Hits Rerecorded, Volume One. Although artists in the past have reworked songs from the catalog in various ways � such as making electric songs acoustic � Carlton says this is truly different. It is.

To breath new life and spirit into the songs, he re-recorded nine songs with a new rhythm section featuring Jeff Babko on keyboards, Vinnie Colaiuta on drums, Paul Cerra on sax and Travis Carlton � who happens to be Carlton's son � on bass. In addition, all of Larry�s guitar solos are different than the originals. Among those songs are �Smiles and Miles to Go,� �Kid Gloves,� �Room 335� and �High Steppin�.� The CD is released on Carlton�s own 335 Records and can be purchased by going to his website at

Highly recommended, and let's hope it isn't too long before Volume Two is offered.