Upcoming Paul Hardcastle CD Will Have New Vocalist

PAUL-5.jpgBritish-based instrumentalist and producer Paul Hardcastle has finished recording the latest in his Hardcastle CD series, Paul Hardcastle 5. Hardcastle alternates between his Hardcastle and Jazzmasters projects and his last CD, 2006�s Jazzmasters 5, featured the No. 1 smooth jazz hit �Free As the Wind.�

Paul Hardcastle 5 will offer mostly instrumentals and several songs with 25-year-old British vocalist Becki Biggins, who is also a saxophonist. Hardcastle�s previous CDs over the years have generally featured vocalist Helen Rogers, as well as Paul�s daughter Maxine Hardcastle. The 13-track CD features such titles as �Lucky Star,� �In the Beginning,� �Return of the Rainman,� �Don�t You Know� and �Blew My Mind.� Paul Hardcastle 5 is scheduled to be released Jan. 22 by the Trippin N Rhythm label.