Chris Standring Creates Record Label, New CD

Standring_2007LP.jpgFurthering a trend among smooth jazz artists, guitarist Chris Standring has created his own record label, Ultimate Vibe Recordings, which he hopes to develop into a label for niche compilations in the smooth jazz and chill genres. The first CD, however, will be Standring's own and will be released early next year. The new CD, Love & Paragraphs, will be distributed by the ARTizen Music Group, the record label founded by trumpeter Rick Braun and saxophonist Richard Elliot.

The CD, Standring's fifth, features 10 original songs with his core group of Rodney Lee, Andre Berry, Rico Belled, Eric Valentine, David Karasony, Larry Steen and Jeff Robinson, along with a new vocalist from England, Mary Cassidy. In addition, saxophonist Everette Harp and keyboardist Jeff Lorber have guest appearances. Songs include the title track, �As Luck Would Have It,� �Liquid Soul,� �Ooh Bop� and �CS in the Sunshine.�

"I just want to be in control now," Standring says. "I sell CDs at shows and online now and I need to be able to contractually be able to do that now without having to go through other people and make it happen. Ostensibly this is to release my own albums. But I do intend to get into releasing maybe some niche-market compilation CDs. I�m gonna be very, very cautious about it. I do have an advantage with my Internet marketing experience. I can shift a lot of CDs online, in a way that pretty much everybody else haven�t figured out how to do yet. So it really makes sense for me to be doing this."