No Surprise: Paul Hardcastle Debuts At No. 19

paulhardcastle_11.jpgIf you�re a fan of British-based instrumentalist and producer Paul Hardcastle, you know the number �19� is important to him. It was the name of a 1985 worldwide hit dance song featuring the spoken-word samples of a narrator talking about Vietnam War veterans. As the song makes clear, �19� was the average age of the Vietnam soldier. And Simon Fuller, who was Hardcastle�s manager at the time, would go on to name his entertainment company 19 Management. Fuller then created the British reality series Pop Idol, renamed American Idol in the U.S.

Now, Hardcastle�s management at the Trippin N Rhythm record label is once again noting that Hardcastle�s latest single, �Lucky Star,� is his latest song or CD to debut at No. 19. �Lucky Star,� the first single from the upcoming Hardcastle 5 CD, debuts this week at that lucky number on Radio & Records� smooth jazz chart. Hardcastle�s management says this is at least the fifth time that one of his songs or CD has debuted at No. 19 on either Radio & Records� chart or on Billboard�s contemporary jazz chart.

We�ll have to wait to see how the Hardcastle 5 debuts, however, as it won�t be released until Feb. 5.