Very First Chris Standring Album Unveiled

Standring_XX.jpgBack in 1989, guitarist Chris Standring recorded his first album in his native London with a group of session players. He titled it Main Course and headed off to Los Angeles, where he now lives, to try to get a label to release the record, which is all instrumental songs except for one track. It features original songs and a cover of �Where Is the Love?� The album of jazz-fusion wasn�t released, however.

Now, Standring has digitized Main Course � which I've heard and loved; fans should really get this � from the original master tapes and is offering it as a free download to fans who pre-order his upcoming CD, Love & Paragraphs.

"I think for a long time I didn�t actually want anybody to hear this," Standring says. "But I kind of do now. I had these grandiose aspirations of moving over and getting big tours and being a superstar All that stuff. I think it was a good album. It might not have been what they were used to hearing. I mean they were starting to go into the commercial formats over here, and it�s not that. It�s very much an indulgent, fusion-y type record where I�m starting to stretch out a little bit."

The new CD, which Chris is offering on his own Ultimate Vibe Recordings record label, will officially be released on April 22. To order Standring's new CD along with the free download, go to