Paul Hardcastle Searching For His Own Idols

HardcastlePaul08.jpgBritish-based instrumentalist and producer Paul Hardcastle, whose �Lucky Star� is the No. 1 smooth jazz song in the country, has just started an American Idol-like contest searching for talented singers. Hardcastle says he�s looking for outstanding, soulful voices that would fit into the smooth jazz or R&B music formats.

He says that his fans can look for exciting new projects soon from a new record label he�s creating called, appropriately enough, Hardcastle Records. As you may know, the creator of �American Idol� and similar worldwide versions of the show is British entertainment executive Simon Fuller. Fuller called his company 19 Entertainment after Hardcastle�s 1985 dance hit titled �19� since he managed Hardcastle at the time.

If you�re interested in having Hardcastle hear a sample of your voice, e-mail a demo in mp3 format or another format to For more information, you can go to Hardcastle's website at