Berks Jazz Fest 2008: Gerald Veasley & the WJJZ All-Stars

Berks08_Veasley2.jpgBassist Gerald Veasley and the WJJZ All-Stars provided the late night show which was broadcasted live by WFMZ TV, the amiable bass player had his band with him (among them saxophonist Chris Farr) plus a string of friends to follow later. They opened the show with several tracks from their brand new CD Your Move which went down very well with the audience. Soon he added his first guest, guitar player Chuck Loeb, to the stage who was instrumental in this album, Chuck displayed his usual spirited playing and was a crowd pleaser, especially with his own composition "The Music Inside", the title track from this album from 1996, that evoked a few shouts of appreciation.

Berks08_Veasley.jpgThen Bobby Lyle came to the stage to give us some great piano playing, he contributed his version of "Minute By Minute" and some mind-boggling soloing on the keys. Then it was time for crowd-pleaser Rick Braun and his jazzy trumpet playing, during his own "Cadillac Slim" he did a stroll through the audience, followed by Chris Farr on sax, raising the bar one notch. Overall the vibe was relaxed and the band took their time, later Gerald Veasley played "Forever", a hommage to his wife, just accompanied by drums and keys, a signature song of his which is always a highlight of his concerts, plus a rousing rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Do I Do". The show lasted well past midnight, the two hours flew by and left a very satisfied audience.