Kenny G May Move To China For Six Months

KennyG_Playing2008.jpgSaxophonist Kenny G, who has announced plans to create a music academy in China, is now seriously contemplating his next step: moving to Shanghai for the first six months of 2009 to help get the process rolling. Kenny is a frequent visitor to the country, where last year he debuted his G-Series line of saxophones in Shanghai before unveiling them at a trade show in the U.S. this past January. Kenny also recently performed at the closing ceremony of China's Special Olympics.

The saxophonist, who lives in Southern California, says an academy in China would be his way of giving back, and he wants to make it easier for students to start playing musical instruments. He adds that, in an effort to make the academy accessible to all, he�s looking for a sponsor to help with costs. By the way, Kenny has six shows planned in China during late April and early May.

"There�s a lot of stuff I want to get done over there," Kenny says. "My music�s super popular there, and I think I can get a lot accomplished. I want to partner with somebody, so I have find the right endorsee and the right sponsor. I know that the future�s there for me in that sense, giving back and having an academy where I can teach students. And maybe I�ll do a master class like once every quarter. They�ll be teachers there that can teach music the way that I would teach it. I can show them my style of teaching and hopefully help a lot of people get really into music."