Berks Jazz Fest 2008: Candy Dulfer

Berks08_Dulfer.jpgAt the Sheraton hotel Candy Dulfer was scheduled for a late night show. She looked georgeous in her mini skirt and long blond hair, and boy, that lady can blow! She started her show slowly with some heartfelt smooth jazz playing, among the songs was "Everytime", one of my favorite tracks off her current Candy Store CD, which she brought to a great climax. Most notably was an extended guitar solo by her guitar player and musical partner Ulco Bed that built and built and didn't let go putting me into a state of bliss. Her band was super tight, another notable player was keyboardist and singer Chance Howard, who was a great part of the proceedings on stage, his playing and singing complemented the saxophone of Candy very well, escpecially cool was their rendition of D'Angelo's "Brown Sugar". The pace of the show picked up continuously and soon we were in a party mood with tracks like the Prince penned "Life Of The Party" and others that had a decidedly club feel. Over parts of the show, the band was really jamming with extended solos, bringing back elements that often were lacking in other shows. At the end of the show the crowd was on its feet to funky tracks like "Pick Up The Pieces" and others. I was deeply impressed by this very entertaining, very professional show and the level of musicianship by all involved. This one was definitely one of the very best shows of the whole festival.