Berks Jazz Fest 2008: Euge Groove

Berks08_Groove.jpgAfter a short intermission saxophonist Euge Groove was on, he was backed by a super tight band of younger players that grooved like hell, as did the leader on his instrument. He soon had the crowd grooving along, additionally cheering them up with his shouts and antics on stage. He played several tracks from his latest CD Born To Groove. To keep things going he gave a away a free t-shirt to the sexiest dancer and had a crowd of women dancing in front of the stage, later he did a stroll through the audience raising the heat. He also slowed it down nicely with a couple of romantic instrumentals, showing his chops on the sax. I really enjoyed this professional show full of great tracks, and especially the band that played on the highest level, most notably the drummer who just was a monster player. Yeah, we all could feel the funk!