Berks Jazz Fest 2008: Global Noize

Berks08_GlobalNoize.jpgAt 10:30pm a new, very interesting project named Global Noize by keyboardist Jason Miles and DJ Logic was scheduled at the Sheraton. Not only the music, but also the lineup showed a lot of diversity. Next to the two leaders who were at each end in front of the stage, they had soloists Christian Scott on trumpet, Jeff Cofin on saxophone and flute, Tom Scott on saxophone, Brian Dunne on drums, Jerry Brooks and special guest Me'Shell Ndegeocello on basses, Cafe on percussion and funk master Bernie Worrell on organ. Additionally they had World Fusion Dancers Azhia and Dellaneira dancing in the middle of the stage plus Indian singer Falu bringing a great world element to the table. I was pleasantly surprised by this show, the grooves were cool and provided a suitable backdrop for these great players to show their chops, especially Jeff Cofin and Christian Scott delivered several great solos. I was a bit afraid that the world element would dominate, but in the end it was jazz with a world flavor that did not distract, instead complemented the whole thing nicely. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert and considered this project to be another winner from Jason Miles, the Global Noize CD should be in stores soon.