Chieli Minucci: 4 New Projects Online

Minucci_2007_A.JPGLast year, guitarist Chieli Minucci offered a new CD of never-released material Travels as a digital download only on his website. This year his fans are in for a real treat as he has now released four new full CDs as digital downloads. The music is all new or never released, and he co-wrote, produced, and played instruments on all the compositions.

Solos, Duos & Trios has intimate compositions featuring the work of Minucci, percussionist George Jinda, and others. Raspberry n� Cream features blues-based vocal pieces co-written and performed by Minucci with Philip Hamilton, Will Brock, Armsted Christian and others. Pop Today, meanwhile, has pop and rock songs with Minucci, Johnny Kemp, Vic Starsky and Noel Cruz. Finally, Drippings consists of soundtrack-style, ambient music in multiple styles.

All the music is ongoing from the last few years, and you sample or purchase any combination of songs at   All songs are in mp3 format and are $1 each, except for Drippings, which is $10 for the full project.