1st Annual Smooth Jazz Festival Bregenz - License To Chill

Goodbye James � hello Candy. Only a couple of weeks ago the Bregenz Festival Hall was under the motto �Quantum of Solace� � but soon that is going to be: Enjoy a �Quantum of smooth jazz�...

SJFestBregenz08.jpgNeusäß, 09.06.2008: While hot action scenes have rounded off the shooting programme for �Quantum of Solace� � the 22nd episode of the famous �My name is Bond��special agent-saga - on the roof of the Bregenz Festival Hall, preparations for the just as promising 1st episode of a festival are in full swing: the 1st Annual Smooth Jazz Festival which is taking place here on the 20th and 30th of August. Not only does the smooth entertainment GmbH, Neusäß, provide the suitable background music for a shaken vodka martini with this event, but it also stages yet another world premiere in the studio theatre in Bregenz � and this mission is everything but secret. On the contrary: we are more than pleased to share all the news...

First Mission: What is Smooth Jazz?

The term �Smooth Jazz� is not one commonly used in this part of the world, so let�s start with a short definition: first: Smooth Jazz is not Jazz � or not only, at least. Secondly: Smooth Jazz is no muzak*!! But: Smooth Jazz is � a touch of Soul, a touch of RnB (not too much), a touch of Jazz, too. While wikipedia.de claims that Smooth Jazz is a variety of Jazz, we claim: Smooth Jazz is the play list of the �Cafe del Mar� � CDs. It is emotion. An attitude towards life which finds no echo in the mainstream�scores of the charts. It is chill-out music at its finest, but definitely with a light savoir-vivre- and laissez-faire-feeling at its heart. In the U.S and in Dubai the fans of this floating sound number millions already, prominent artists are e.g. Candy Dulfer, Sade, Carlos Santana, Simply Red, Nora Jones, Sting, but also the German band De Phazz with singer Pat Appleton.

Second Mission: Why Bregenz?

Smooth Jazz is casually cultivated lifestyle, paired with a dose of coolness, cultivated indulgence and culture � an ambience completely in line with the Bregenz Festival Hall. On the one hand a touch of �Casino Royale�, on the other a breeze of beach-feeling � la �Cafe del Mar�. Concerts with well-known artists will take place on both nights. The location: the studio theatre, the �rough diamond for events� of the Bregenz Festival Hall, set up as a multifunctional �Black Box� which will transform into a chilled-out party lounge on the occasion of the 1st Annual Smooth Jazz Festival. Moreover an outdoor lounge will be open to all � not only festival guests � from the afternoon.

Third Mission: Which Acts?

The Festival line-up sparkles with highlights: On the first night the Italian band Gabin will hit the stage with groovy beats. Then the American guitarist Chieli Minucci, who has already performed with artists like Jennifer Lopez and Anastacia, the saxophonist Marion Meadows, from the U.S. as well, and the Swiss-born pianist Alex Bugnon will take you away into the world of Smooth Jazz. De Phazz from Heidelberg is the closing climax of the first-night live acts, and will put the audience in the mood for the following after-show-party with elements of Dub, Jazz, Soul, Trip-Hop, Latin, Drum'n'Bass and Ambient; we have of course booked well-known clubbing-scene djs for both party nights.

The second night will be opened by De-Phazz-singer Pat Appleton with her own band, then big names in the world of Smooth Jazz, Peter White, Jaared plus Rocco Ventrella and Candy Dulfer, follow onto the stage. The saxophonist from the Netherlands has already performed with international stars like Prince, Beyonce, Aretha Franklin and Pink Floyd and will put the heat on the audience for the following after-show-party. On this weekend a visit to Bregenz will even be doubly rewarding: on both days of the Festival the Bregenz town fair takes place during daytime, which each year attracts 120.000 guests to a visit at the lake promenade.

More information at smoothjazzfestival.de