Euge Groove To Tour With Tina Turner Again

Groove_Born2.jpgEuge Groove will be performing for whole new audience in the coming months as the saxophonist has been selected by legendary vocalist Tina Turner to join her on her Tina: Live in Concert Tour. It will be a reunion for Euge and the 68-year-old performer, as he also performed in Turner�s band on a tour in 2000, which also happened to be the last time she mounted a tour.

The upcoming tour will run from Oct. 1 to Dec. 12 in North America, as well as Jan. 14 to April 1 in Europe. Groove, who also toured in the past with Tower of Power, Richard Marx, Joe Cocker and Huey Lewis before becoming a solo artist, said it was difficult to turn Turner down when she approached him about the tour. But Euge says that he will still be performing solo shows when not with Turner, although he has been forced to cancel an appearance with the Dave Koz & Friends At Sea tour this November.

Groove recalls meeting Turner late in 1999 before going to tour with her in 2000. "She just starts going into me. I want you to do this and this and this, and jump up and down and dance and I�m like, Oh my gosh, what have I gotten myself into, you know? And that very much was her personality. She knows what she wants, and she�s going to let you know what she wants, and there�s only one way to do it � the way that she wants. But here�s the other side of that that�s great. She was always right. People would think that she was not right or try to tell her to do something else, and she would stick to her guns and ultimately in the end she was right every time"